Water Falls Uganda

Amazing Waterfalls in Uganda

Waterfalls are one of the most exciting drainage features in Uganda – water falls are characterized by high speed flow of water from up hills, down slopes due to influence of gravity, cohesion and adhesion forces. This confirms that this country is gifted by nature and so, the pearl of Africa. Uganda   is surrounded by water bodies and most of them are characterized by waterfalls as seen below:

Murchison Falls, The Nile explodes violently through a narrow 6m gorge and upstream, the Victoria Nile hurtles through the rift’s hinterland down an explosive 80km of rapids that rafters consider one of the world’s scariest sections of white water, but provide a unique exhilarating experience. However, the most dramatic view of the water fall is found at top of the falls where the sight and sound of the Nile crashing through the 6m wide chasm is an unforgettable assault on the senses.

Ssezibwa Falls, found on Sezibwa River that tumbles over beautiful rocks before dividing into two. Ssezibwa falls is attached to traditional briefs according to Baganda. It is believed that many hundred years ago according to legend that a woman called Nakangu of the Achibe (fox) clan- among the baganda clans derive from animal nomenclature, gave not to twin children as naturally expected, but to a twin river. It is believed by locals that the spirits of Ssezibwe and Mobeya, Nakangu’s unborn children still inhabit the river.


Sezibwa Falls

Given the deeply etched African belief in the supernatural and it’s significance in the birth of twins in most Ugandan societies, baganda inclusive that shrines have sprung up at the site. Twins traditionally have been regarded by many societies as visitations of the gods and are actually their physical manifestations, and in others as spiritual benevolent reward.

Mpanga Falls, The embodying river Mpanga that feeds Lake George gives shape and beauty to the falls. It runs through a great cleft in eastern escarpment of the rift valley towards the lake and continues through a rocky chasm of exotic spray forest of cycad to the dramatic Mpanga Falls. The gorge encloses the falls and the falls supports the lush spray forest.

Bujagali Falls, This is extremely beautiful and turbulent because of its series of large rapids which are a delight to many visitors.

White water rafting remains the most popular adventure activity and other activities here include;

Sport Fishing, Bungee Jumping, All Terrain Vehicle Safari adventures along the Nile and Horseback Riding.

Sipi Falls, Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda in the district of Kapchorwa, northeast of Sironko and about 55km north of Mbale.

Sipi Falls is the Uganda’s most beautiful water fall. The source of these falls is on Mountain Elgon. Wherever you look at Sipi Falls, you are afforded beauty. Save for enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can take walks around the falls itself or further up to the base of Mt Elgon. This gives visitors the opportunity to climb and abseil around the falls for both the experienced and inexperienced hence making the Sipi Falls well worth visit. The falls are spectacular and views of Mt Elgon above them, as well as the wide plains of eastern and northern Uganda disappearing into the distance below, are excellent.

Bird Watching: Within the grounds of Sipi River Lodge, several species of bird have been identified.

Mountain Bike Race: There are annual mountain bike races up in Sipi Falls up organized by Sipi River Lodge.

Kisizi Waterfall, The 30m high waterfall lies on the Kyabambe River. It is very pretty and peaceful with surrounding forests and quiet roads which offer pleasant rambling opportunities.

Other Falls.

These are also worth visiting and include Mahoma waterfall in Fort Portal which is small but attractive with a great natural power-shower, Mungiro water falls in Semiliki National Park, Nkusi water falls which pours into Lake Albert, Karuma Falls And many more, all can be explored on a self drive safari in Uganda, by hiring a 4×4 vehicle from credible companies like 4×4 Uganda, Car Hire Uganda Limited, Gorilla Expeditions Limited, African Jungle Adventures and  among others, email; info@4x4uganda.com