One of the most annoying things is getting a traffic ticket for what is considered over-speeding or reckless driving in situations that can easily be avoided. In Uganda, the maximum speed limit is 100km/hr; however you are likely to find not only government registered cars but also private vehicles exceeding this speed limit. It is only when you are stopped that you come to learn that what seems normal is actually illegal and calls for a financial penalty.

Driving a motorcycle, SUV, or a salon car will put your speed limit at 100km/hr on a paved road while gravel roads maximum speed is 80km/hr. Cargo trucks including double cabins are not allowed to exceed 80km/hr. All cars are not expected to exceed 50km/hr in built areas (towns).

According to Uganda police; “Vans, pick ups and trucks carrying less than 3500kg – 80km/hr on paved rural road and 60 km/hr on gravel road. Mini bus or taxi on paved rural road 80km/hr and 60km/hr on gravel road. Bus and coaches on paved rural roads – 80km/hr and 60km/hr on gravel road.”

By SePH256

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