Tourism Ministry Taps Into Queen of Katwe

The Tourism ministry has on Friday showed two new ambassadors whose major role is to market Uganda internationally.

While talking to the press at the headquarters of Tourism Ministry, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda the Minister of State Tourism, Wildlife Antiquities said with most likely he realizes that the two will bring a positive turn off for the country.

“The Queen of Katwe movie got universal recognition and gestures in this manner giving our nation great things on the world which made many individuals intrigued to know more about Uganda.”

Talking on the new role, Coach Robert Katende they have adequate spotlight that will help to promote the Tourism industry of Uganda.

“We are eager to represent Uganda, and the first words that will leave us when we are out there, is to welcome the world to visit the pearl of Africa (Uganda),” said Katende.

The development comes soon after Uganda has been named among the main 10 most amazing tourist destinations and simply a week ago the fourth best place to visit in the Africa.