Tourism is a very important sector in the country that Uganda has benefited from in different ways of earnings. It was identified as a priority for the export sector according to the research conducted by the researchers, the government of Uganda is trying its best to develop off programs at the university and even within the government authorities so that they can uplift the sector. The researchers were focusing on the rural livelihoods to the local people through the tourism sector. The rural areas are the main reason for tourism to exist by caring about the national park because there are few national parks in urban areas

Uganda is called the pearl of Africa because of its natural resources and cultural resource available in pretty. They can accommodate the tourism sectors and non-tourism sectors, providing local support to protect and conserve the wildlife, and nature tourism can lift the life of every Uganda without having an imbalance in regions. The tourism sector employs both skilled and unskilled labor and largely employee the local people and this has helped in cubing on an unemployment issue in the country of Uganda. Employing the local means more income to the government through the taxation

The tourism sector had set the strategies of reducing the poverty levels in the country. Since it, employs both the skilled and unskilled labor, the problem of poverty and low-income earners are being solved by employing the majority of Ugandans and these promoted people leave because the highest percentage of people working in the tourism sector is local

The universities have a strategy of introducing a master’s degree in sustainable community tourism. The curriculum has to be developed to sustain the master’s degree in community sustainable tourism in Makerere university and Mubs. The relation between the two processes linking higher education and community development with sustainable tourism strategic partners to conserve the environment needs to be created

Uganda has tried its best to implement new research opportunities to discuss the tourism sector but the country still faces a lot of challenges in the process of improving the sector. These include corruption bribery and infrastructure within the government with the poor clusters and the police that are outdated policies political instability and inadequate financial structure

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