Uganda has one of the premier road trips in East Africa and Africa at large. They are characterized by beautiful landscape, Sceneries, Paved roads, historic landmarks, nature, and incredible views. Among the top safari destinations in Uganda includes Kidepo Valley National Park, Pian Upe game reserve, Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Semulik Game reserve, Queen Elizabeth wildlife park, Bwindi, and Mgahinga Gorilla Parks, Lake Mburo, and Mountain Rwenzoris. Some of the destinations are UNESCO World Heritage sites, for example, Bwindi National Park and Mt. Rwenzori N.P. Though the whole of Ugandan routes is good for the road trip, it has the top road trip destinations.

The journey from Kampala to Fort portal
It is a five-hour ride that goes to the western town which is a seat for the cultural institution of Toro Kingdom, while on this journey the situation changes from Kampala concrete sky rise buildings and bungalows with neat lawns into roadside mud-brick drab structures with dusty yards.

The ride rewards with the sight of plant life which varies between thickets, papyrus marshes, dense forest and the steered roadside markets sealing fresh fruits of which you can taste at leisure.

Kyenjojo district is a land of rolling hills with hectares of land under cultivation made green by tea plantations and the drive enables travelers to encounter the sights of Mountains of the moon, hidden behind a misty blanket which is a treasure chest of Uganda’s beauty with tropical weather, attracting travelers.

The ride to Fort portal’s beauty is unfolded before the travelers can be sensationalized, it is like a belle without makeup and it rewards with midday sun, cool pure air wafted through the open window that caresses the face.

Kampala to Mbarara
Even though this trek is a bit far, it rewards with beautiful sceneries of the incredible hills of Kabale town and different terrains with different farming practices and street markets and on this ride blinking is not allowed so that no attraction is missed on this travel.

Along this journey, the Equator is encountered where experiments are done to verify that the Uganda equator is in the middle of the earth and the place is good for pictures. This stretch also allows travelers to glimpse the beautiful long-horned cattle.

And this same root stretches to the unique lake Mburo game reserve of which its nature is just magical with an eye comforting views. This stretch has very many adventurous attractions like the long swamps with papyrus that look like a lake from a distance and this swamp is one of the swamps river katonga crosses.

Kampala to Kidepo valley national park
This journey gives a smooth and comfortable drive up to karuma falls which is among the series on River Nile and the second to Murchison falls in power and on this journey the troops of olive baboons and velvet monkeys greet travelers then stretch to Gulu where the fruit of peace is noticed after the 20 years of rebel insurgency. The journey to Gulu goes through the Acholi tribe small communities’ villages of clusters of mud and thatch as the road winds through the mountain ranges of keler and loniyili that gives amazing views and scenery.

Kampala to Sipi falls
The journey goes through the outskirts of Kampala, following Jinja road while enjoying the early morning moist sights of Lugazi sugar cane plantations, Mabira forest, and Ssezibwe falls. The continuation stretches from Jinja town one of the major cosmopolitan towns in Uganda and also shelters the historical source of the Nile River, the longest river in the world and the procedure to Iganga rewards travelers to exploit the impressive sugar and rice plantations and natural swamps with flowing streams.

The other remarkable road trips in Uganda include the journey to Jinja, the journey to semuliki national park, almost all the journeys to different destinations in Uganda are incredible road trips since every voyage has a different experience than it offers to travelers from the start to the end of it.

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