There is a huge difference between safari car rental agencies and mere car rental agencies. When we speak of safari car rental agencies; we refer to agencies that specialize in offering cars that can be used off-road. In simple terms, these are the kind of companies that you should go to whenever you consider hiring a car for an offroad trip or holiday in Uganda.

Sometimes these agencies offer their cars with a driver while in other instances, you can hire a car for self drive in Uganda as well as around East Africa. In case you are the kind who is wondering which car rental agencies in Uganda to consider on top of your list; below are the top five car rental agencies in Uganda.

Road Trip Uganda

According to Tripadvisor; Road trip Africa is the number one transportation agency in Kampala. It is one of the few car rental agencies in Uganda that have offroad Hilux in its fleet. Whether you are looking for a small off-roader like a Rav4 or a car with a rooftop tent, Road Trip Africa remains one of the top options.

They offer car rental services in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar. Unlike most of the tour operators in Uganda, it seems their main target market is Europe. They charge their services in Euros, not in USD

4x4uganda Ltd

4×4 Uganda is one of the most excellent safari car rental agencies in Uganda. As their name suggests, they specialize in 4 wheel drive cars. They offer self-drive car hire services, professional tour guides for trips, booking accommodation, gorilla trekking permits as well as chimpanzee tracking services.

They offer car rental services in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and some parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the moment, they are the only self-drive car rental agency that offers self drive overland safaris in Africa. Whether you are considering a Cairo to Cape Town Trail or Nairobi to Cape town; they are the right guys for African overland self-drive safaris.

Self Drive Uganda

Self Drive Uganda is also in the league of 4x4uganda and Road Trip Uganda. They offer self-drive car rental services as well as hiring a car with a driver. The only difference is they do not have a Hilux in their fleet. Unlike 4x4uganda and Road trip Uganda; Self Drive Uganda also hires out minibusses.

Car Rental Uganda

Car rental Uganda offers a wide range of car rental services. Unlike its competitors that mainly focus on offroad cars. Car rental Uganda also offers town service car rental services. Their fleet is a big one ranging from Land cruisers to Rav4s, minibusses as well as small-town service cars. In case you wish to have a city tour, car rental Uganda are the right people to contact

Omega Car rental

Uganda self drive also known as Omega car rental is one of the top self-drive agencies in Uganda. They mainly focus on foreign tourists. Some of their reviews on google are not that attractive but their services are relatively good. Though it is not in the class of Road trips in regard to the fleet size; the few cars they have are of good quality.

One of the challenges that car rental companies with a limited fleet face is hiring out sub-rented cars that end up tarnishing their names. I believe this might be the case with Omega car rental too.

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