Uganda has over 300 licensed radio stations. Some of these are simply Kampala-based, some are regionally based while others have different frequencies around the country. But at the moment, there are not more than 10 radio stations that cover the whole country. In order for your voice to be heard all over Uganda, you might need to broadcast the same message on over 10 radio stations.

However, putting into consideration the Kampala metropolitan area population that is close to 7 million at the moment; any radio station that reigns in the Kampala metropolitan area seems to have an edge far above any radio station in the other regions. It is probably for the same reason that the most listened to radio stations in Uganda are have a reasonable share in the Kampala metropolitan area.

The Kampala metropolitan area includes Mukono district, Wakiso District and Kampala district.

Worth noting, there is a difference between the most listened to radio stations and the radio stations that mostly play local content. In this article, we are bringing you the radio stations that top the list, when it comes to playing local content.

1. Galaxy FM

The “Zinna” themed radio station tops the list of radio stations playing local content in Uganda. The 100.2 frequency radio station focuses on mostly music. Its programming has a mixture of both English and Luganda

2.  Beat FM

Though the name suggests more music from the radio station, it is actually not the case. It mostly has talk shows that often have music during the breaks as well as the request shows that are scarcely different from the other radio stations. The radio station content is mostly in Luganda.

The flagship show that makes the radio stand out is not actually music but the “Ndobeso” slot that focuses on duping someone via a phone call on air.

3. Capital FM

Capital Fm is the biggest English radio station in Uganda. It is not so much different from many radio stations. It runs the usual morning show, news, sports shows, Music shows, and podcasts. What makes it stand out are its presenters as well as its ability to make a good blend of both local and western music.

4. Radio Simba

Radio Simba is a Luganda broadcasting radio station. Unlike any other radio station, it seems to be unique in terms of content. It is this radio station that gave birth to the Bizonto Comedy who simply got part of the slot that was being run in their morning show and turned it into a brand of its own.

The radio station has mainly been known for the “Engule” Luganda competitions. But besides that, it also plays mostly Luganda music.

5. Hot100

This is one of the most popular radio stations among teens. It is strictly a music radio station that has for a long time been known for playing western music as well as local urban music. It is one radio station that you will never find playing local band music. Whatever local content that is provided on this radio station is considered urban and up-market.

6. Radio City

Radio city is also among those radio stations that you might consider to be urban music radio stations. Unlike radio Simba, Galaxy, and Beat FM that are likely to play anything Ugandan, Radio City is the league of Hot 100. It is the kind of radio station that is likely to play mostly Uganda’s urban music.

7. Nxt Radio

Nxt Radio is a product of the Nxt media group. Among all the top ten radio stations. It is the new kid on the block. Its programming ranges from politics, music, sports, among several other contents that are likely not any different from the other urban radio stations. Its content is English.

8. CBS 2

CBS Fm (88.8) is the biggest radio station in Uganda. However, it does not feature on this list. It is the (89.2)CBS that features on this list. This is so because CBS (89.2) plays more music than the parent CBS (88.8). The radio station is owned by the Buganda kingdom.

It is the biggest radio station to have suffered the wrath of the government after being closed for a few years on grounds of sparking the 2009 riots.

9. Dembe FM

The nation media group is one of the biggest if not the biggest media group in Uganda. Dembe FM is its Luganda radio station that has been on top of the game for a number of years now. It stood out for the talk and talk show which was and is mostly a gossip and entertainment critic show.

10. Super FM

Super FM is a local radio station that airs both in Luganda and English. It is owned by Peter Ssematimba. Its tagline is music, football, and funny stuff. Its main icon is football.

Source: SongBoost

Please note; some of the radio stations on this list might not competitively seem fit for the top 10 but these are statistics based on Songboost, not opinion polls. Songboost is an app that monitors airplay for music in Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

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