The Source of the Nile and Speke Monument is situated on the west bank of the mighty River Nile prior to crossing the bridge to Jinja, east of Uganda. The west bank features incredible gardens and breathtaking views of the Lake and the River Nile. The Speke Monuments was set in remembrance of John Hanning Speke an early white explorer who discovered the source of the River Nile.

Around 1856, John Hanning Speke and his partner, Burton set off for their exploration journey to East Africa. They believed that the travel could assist find the real source of the mighty River Nile. Speke and Burton had also heard of another Lake in the east and it was not that long prior to continuing to look out for its source while on a return journey to the coast. Speke set off for 48 days of exploration of approximately 463 miles which saw him reach and became the first European to discover Lake Victoria and River Nile and drew a map. The Speke Monument straddles within Jinja at a village known as Bukaya, just next to the Source of the Nile gardens with a River in between.

Interestingly, visitors have a chance to spot some of the incredible monkeys and bird species, visit restaurants,s and the stunning views of the mighty River Nile. The prime activities to engage in in addition to exploring the Speke Monument while on safari to the source of the Nile include a boat cruise, bungee jumping, Kayaking, sport fishing, white water rafting, and others.

River Nile is remarkably one of the longest Rivers in the world with its source starting from Jinja. The River stretches up to 6696 kilometers long and pours its waters to about 9 states and it largely centered within Uganda and Egypt. The other states are Burundi, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, DR Congo, and Ethiopia. Along the Nile’s course, there is Lake Kyoga that feeds the River with fresh water.

The course extends up to the mighty Murchison Falls that comes with a powerful roar of the waterfalls as it squeezes itself into a narrow gorge. You can also engage in sport fishing, game drives in the savanna grassland of the park, scenic views of the waterfalls that will reward you with breathtaking experiences of a lifetime. Murchison Falls National Park derived its name from the mighty Murchison Falls and a boat cruise to the base of the waterfalls offers you an opportunity to spot out most of the hippos and crocodiles.

In conclusion, the source of the Nile is remarkably one of the unique tourist attractions that are worth exploring while you are on safari in Uganda. For visitors who are interested in breathtaking adventures, visit the source of the Nile at Jinja and you will be amazed by a variety of experiences. A visit to this incredible the Source of the Nile and Speke monument offers you an opportunity to discover more about how the source of the Mighty River Nile was discovered at a time.

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