It has been seven years since the construction of this bridge between Russia and China was commence. The project was aiming at increasing the relationship between these two countries and improve on the transportation of goods and services. the project was named China-Russia tongjiang-Nizhneleninskoye bridge and the road bridge connects Heihe in china and Blagoveshchensk in Russia. The annual throughput of this railway is 21million tonnes

Both countries opened the construction work in feb2014 and its structure was completed in 2019, the final piece of track was laid on August 17, 2021. this is the longest bridge in the whole world connecting two giant countries.

Final touches in august 2021

The bridge covers 2215meters long (7300feets) but most of the bridges are on the side of china almost 6200feets. the bridge hosts regular freights comes with trucks but not for the trains. these two countries are also working on the border cable car which will be the first crossnational Border cable cars. The project will ease the transportation of people and hence will improve the tourism between the two countries. This cable car takes only 9minutes to travel from one city to another city Heihe and Blagoveshchensk.

The railway bridge crosses the banks of river Amur town crosses the border with Russia. Tongjiang is located in the northern side of the country in the capital of Harbin in Heilongjiang province, This city is well known for its ice and snow festival and receives a lot of visitors from Russia. Chinas northeast railway network after the project can connect with the Siberian railway in Russian. This project is one of the latest between China and Russia and is under chinas ambitious belt and road initiative and connects through the infrastructure of china’s country.

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