Top and Oldest Television Stations

  1. UBC-Uganda Broadcasting Corporation. This was formerly known as Uganda Television. (UTV). It is also the oldest television station in Uganda. It started in 1963 as Uganda Television and rebranded to UBC in 2005.
  2. LTV-Lighthouse Television. This is the second oldest local television station in Uganda. Unlike UBC, it is only available on a few cable networks. It is also a sister television station to TBN whose main agenda is preaching the gospel. LTV Uganda was started in 1997.
  3. NTV- National Television. This television station started in 2006. It overthrew WBS from being the top television station in Uganda due to its 7:00 pm daily news bulletin and soap operas.
  4. Top T.V-Top television. This was the second Christian television station in Uganda to hit the airwaves. It was started in 2002. The television program that brought it on the scene were the Nigerian Movies.
  5. NBS T.V-Nile Broadcasting Services. The television station was started in 2007. It changed ownership in 2009. It was brought on the scene by its 3:00 pm movies but later shared the 7:00 pm news bulletin glory with NTV Uganda.
  6. Bukedde T.V-Bukedde Television (Bukedde 1 and Bukedde 2). The television station started in 2009. The programs that brought this television station to the scene were the translated movies, soap, and the 10 pm News (Agataliiko Nfufu).

Popular Religious Stations

  • Salt T.V
  • Dream T.V
  • ABS Television
  • Channel 44
  • Ark Television
  • Kingdom Television (K.T.V)
  • Spirit T.V
  • Break Through Television (BTM)
  • King Solomon Network Television Limited (KSTV)
  • Rest TV
  • 3ABN TV
  • Glorious TV
  • Bukalango Television
  • Excel TV
  • Family TV
  • Fresh TV
  • Gugudde TV
  • Success TV
  • HGH TV
  • Life TV
  • Salam TV
  • WTV

Other Main Stream Media Houses

  • BBS Terefayina
  • Urban
  • Delta TV
  • Sanyuka Television
  • T.V west
  • STV
  • Baba T.V
  • Channel U
  • Horizon Broadcasting Television (HTV)
  • Smart 24 TV
  • Star TV
  • Taggy
  • Spark TV
  • KBS TV
  • Bunyoro TV
  • Moon TV
  • Nyce TV


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