Start your 2017 Self-Drive Trip in Uganda

On a self drive trip it’s you to decide on everything to do on the trip for example, it’s you to choose when to travel, where to travel and in which type of the vehicle to use on a tour

Benefits of Self-drive Trip

Irrespective of the vehicle you rent or choose, you are completely flexible and with total freedom to reach places off the beaten track, and afterward spend as much time as you want in any destination.
You can make the most of your trip with a greater comfort for a life time experience.
The route suggested for self-drive in for the most part have a great road network so getting around ought not to be a problem.

For a Uganda road trip to be more memorable you can also hire a tour guide who will provide to you with all the detailed information of everything you will came across and even give you complete guidance on distance, directions, time you may take to reach a certain destination. As a backup, you can still carry a travel map or GPS tracker alongside your rental car so that you don’t get lost.

Where to Start from?

As a matter of first importance, you have to get a travel map, GPS tracker or a tour guide to help you explain everything you will came across like the geography and location of the area. Likewise, organize your self-drive trip by first looking through our already designed itinerary and see whether you can get one which fit your budget and time.

Planning the route

One of the greatest mistakes that most travelers make when organizing their tours is thinking little of the time it takes to travel around. You can draft your itinerary by deciding on the journey and distance covered to experience the thrill of a road trip. Still you have to note that a self drive tour ought to be safe and memorable experience for the right reasons. Here are some of the few self drive tips that you ought to take after to make your trip more enjoyable and trouble free.

Type of Car

In case you’re organizing a self drip trip, you can take your personal vehicle or choose hire one from car rental agencies. In case you choose to take your own vehicle ensure that it’s in a completely a maintained condition and is properly serviced to avoid accidents on the road or car breakdown. Furthermore, in the event that you are hiring a vehicle ensure that it is completely equipped and is commercially registered self drive vehicle. In Uganda you can easily hire a vehicle from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd which offers car rental services as per hour, day, week or month without giving security deposit.

They have variety of vehicle in their fleet from which you choose the perfect vehicle according the destination you’re going to travel to.

Be that as it may, for a self-drive trip – on renting a vehicle there are basically four types of vehicles from which you can pick.

Luxury vehicle – This is the type of vehicle suitable for those who need to travel in more comfortably or who have large families.

Mid range – This is likely the most widely common type of vehicle always asked for and is perfect for couples/families or friends.

Economy / Budget – It is mainly perfect for couples who prefer taking short trips and driving short distances.

4WD – It is for those opting on excursion in area with tarmacked roads.

Tips for your safe self-drive holiday

Traffic Rules – Always ensure that you follow the traffic rules in area where you will be driving from and always make sure you park your vehicle in authorized parking area for complete safety and security.
Obey speed limits at all times – Speed ought to change marginally as per the area and in some areas the rules are implemented entirely. Try not to exceed speed limit or drink while driving!

Set off early and opportune – Remember you shouldn’t be in a rush to cover miles, never forget that your trip ought to be as interesting as your destination. It is recommended that you should set off as early enough as you can every day, as this will help you to make consistent stops along the way to take photographs or just enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Driving permit – Before you set off for your trip, make sure that you have your original driving permit and furthermore the also all the other vital documents.

Necessities – Carry some yummy snacks for chomping, a blanket, water bottle, camera, medical aid box for a successful trip ahead.