Rumour has been making rounds for some good years that spice Diana and her manager Roger were an item but she came out to deny the allegations.

Spice Diana has been in the news for all the controversies one may think of but in particular for her educational background. While one of the local television show talking about her journey in life as it reached her education background, she blundered on her results of Uganda’s advanced certificate education where she said that she got the first grade of 32 aggregates. The results she conveyed were no way near the grading at that level. Her interview went viral on social media platforms and many people came out to mock and poke her.

However, the botch was a blessing in disguise, many people got to know her and started following her career. She has not disappointed since she has been releasing hits after hits in the due course. The 32 hitmaker has now this Friday on the 25th of January 2018 staged at freedom to reward her fans with a live show performance for the endless love they have shown her in recent times.

Spice Diana has been making promos of her dubbed concert “Ndi Mu Love” where she went to one of the popular markets of Uganda the Owino markets to make a few sales of her tickets. While getting out of the downtown market, she was holding an interview with MC Kats of the After 5 musical show. She was asked a few questions about her preparations for the concert and then a question of dating her manager Roger slipped out of MC Kats. Spice Diana was bemused by the question but she swiftly denied having an affair with her manager. Spice Diana said that she and Roger are best friends who understand each other and that is why they have become a dominant force in the music industry and further submitted that she is not interested in a love relationship since she has so many goals set to be completed in her life.

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