Some People Are Using My Family to Put Me Down, Eddy Kenzo

During an interview on a popular new show “uncut” on NBS, the mega music superstar Eddy kenzo had a one on one with Anatallia Azi the present where a few questions where thrown at him. One of the ear trapping question was about his ongoing family issues where his partner fellow musician Rema Namakula came out to express her discontentment in their on and off relationship in a song called “Siri Muyembe”.

Eddy kenzo lamented, “first of all I am a respectful family man who loves my family so much, many people are close to me and I love them but my family comes second to none because they love me no matter what. When I come back from my tours after a few days minus seeing my children, they are always in joy to see me as they put on a grin of a smile at first sight. So some bad people out there are using my family to put me down as they know I love my family so much. But all I have to do is be strong and weather all the storm that comes to me.”

Kenzo further revealed that he is a young achiever and many people are jealousy of him. He is the first Ugandan to win a bet award, first African and musician to win the bet viewer’s choice award ever and he has won very many numerous awards in Africa and around the world.