The Kampala city socialite Sipapa who has been in the news for his relationship with president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as well as his unruly behavior in the public has allegedly been identified as one of the people that were involved in the 29th August robbery at Jacob Arok’s home; The south Sudanese national who is a resident of Kauki zone in Bunga was robbed of $429000, 4 iPhones and two apple laptops, jewelry among several other gadgets.

Upon investigation by the Uganda police through which they traced the lost iPhones, they were able to find the stolen items at Sipapa’s home. Unfortunate, Sipapa was not present and until now the police are looking for him for questioning.

The police were able to arrest Shamira Nakiyimba who was identified as Sipapa’s wife for questioning. According to our sources, the police did all the searching in the company of Sipapa’s wife who was later taken by police for questioning.

Among the other items that were found at Charles Oilmu’s (Sipapa) home included $70,000, 4 iPhones, jewelry, and two car plate numbers; UBG 025B and UBA 023U. A number of car bumpers, door shutters, and boot doors among several other car accessories were found at his home.

The police were also able to find two resprayed cars in his compound without any plate numbers. One of the cars was a Jeep while the other was an Audi.

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