In every tournament, there are games that highlight the whole tournament not because they were between the top contenders for the title but because of the exceptional show put up by the players in those games. In the Afro Basketball tournament; Uganda Vs South Sudan is so far one of those highlight matches where there was a total balance in strength.

South Sudan only edged Uganda with two points. Uganda was able to make 86 points while South Sudan made 88 points. The game was on until the final whistle. It could have gone either and that is what makes the game worth watching.

Uganda will be facing one of the title favorites Nigeria for their ticket to the quarter-finals. Though Uganda is the underdog in this coming match, expectations are high that they will put up a show against Nigeria however much Nigeria remains the favorite.

Nigeria lost to Ivory Coast with an 11 points gap. Nigeria was able to score 68 points while Cote d’Ivoire scored 77 points. After losing their first game; Nigeria is expected to re-organize to secure their ticket to the quarter-finals.

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