Uganda basketball team the silverbacks have ended their fairytale journey in the Afro basketball tournament after losing their quarter-final match against Cape Verde.  The silverbacks were edged by cape Verde with a 4 points lead in the first round that ended 20 points for Uganda and 24 points for Cape Verde.

Though this seemed a fair start, Cape Verde continued to widen the gap with another four-point lead in the second round. The second round ended with 19 points for Cape Verde and 15 points for Uganda. This point Uganda 8 points behind Cape Verde before entering into the third round.

With hopes to reduce the gap, Uganda lost to Cape Verde in the third round with another 2 points lead in favor of Cape Verde leaving Uganda 10 points behind Cape Verde before the start of the fourth round. However, the silverbacks’ hope remained high even in the fourth round.

In the fourth round, Uganda was able to lead Cape Verde with only points crowning Cape Verde with an 8 point lead in the overall total. The match ended with 79 points for Cape Verde and 71 Points for Uganda. Though the silverbacks lost the match; the game was on until the final whistle. It would be right to say; they lost honorably.

By SePH256

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