Silverback Gorilla Dies in Bwindi Forest

Today’s morning the Uganda’s Wildlife Conservation has ensured a big blow taking after the loss of silverback mountain gorilla which is said have died after falling from branch of a tree.

The gorilla was 28 years old and named as Ndahura and was the predominant male silverback of Bitukula Gorilla Group / Farmily in the Ruhija sector found in Kabale district in the south western park of the country.

The group trackers who routinely monitor the movements of different Gorilla groups in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park said they had been monitoring the Bitukula Gorilla family when this silverback abruptly mounted on a frail tree branch. He fell off to the ground and died in a split second.

This happened at around 8am at Hamusenene, just a kilometre far from the Ruhija park entrance.
Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Boss told Kampala Sun News that this silverback gorilla (Ndahura) was the head a family of 12 gorillas which is now left with Rukumu, another subordinate silverback prone to be the next family head.

“A doctor from the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, Fred Nizeyimana, is now dealing with a posthumous to find out what real killed this animal,” Jossy Muhangi the Spokesperson of UWA told Kampala Sun News in an interviewing in the morning.

Dissimilar to past dead mountain gorillas which have been buried, UWA expects to do taxidermy on Ndahura’s remains which will be preserved in the museum for future generation and tourists to see.

“We have talked to the Makerere University veterinary department to preserve the body of Ndahura for future generation and tourist to see. This is going to be the first time we are going to preserve the remains of a silverback gorilla because of the value attached to these primates,” said Muhangi

“The death of this silverback is a very hug loss to the country’s tourism industry because mountain gorillas are rare and they are regarded as among the most endangered species in the world. Mountain gorilla tourism contributes about 50% of the total revenue received from tourism in Uganda and the country has about 450 mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. This is about half of the world’s remaining total population,” Muhangi added.

He also said, some tourists visit Uganda specifically to visit certain Gorilla groups because of the individual silverback or even the young ones in the group and how they behave. They love their aggressiveness and also seeing then doing their daily activities like feeding, playing on the tree branches and many others activities.

The death of this gorilla is significant since these primates take long to reproduce. In their life expectancy, mountain gorillas withstand several dangers including respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia because of coldness and battles over territory and dominion.

“Silverbacks are particularly very vital in supporting reproduction and offering protection to their families. We fear that gorilla family which was headed by Ndahura could deteriorate, lose individuals, face fighting and intrusion from other Gorilla groups because of the absence of leadership,” Muhangi included.

Besides, gorillas have a tendency to mourn deaths of their fellow gorillas which subjects them to stress and for quite a while reduces their sustaining and in addition movement patterns.

In any case, the death of a gorilla has a much greater economic effect to the economy of the country. A single habituated gorilla group draws in 8 travelers daily, as indicated by UWA.