Seasoned Gossip Queen and Events MC, Nalumansi Zahara AKA Zahara Totto shocked her viewers last night when she appeared dead drunk for her daily show dubbed “Uncut Kalakata.”

“Uncut Kalakata” is a gossip show that airs daily on NXT Media’s Sanyuka TV starting at 10 pm hosted by Zahara Totto herself alongside One Lord Kayz. However, in yesterday’s edition, the self-styled “Field Marshal Entertainer,” whatever that means, looked so tired, couldn’t stand properly, kept on shouting at her Co-host, and found it so difficult to pronounce the words in a futile attempt to deliver “Lugambo” to her audience.

In the video that is circulating on social media, to the surprise of many, Totto even went ahead to utter obscenities without fear, contrary to the guidelines of the Uganda Communications Commission [UCC], a body that regulates what goes on air, she mentioned the obscene word ‘Ku…………….” another concrete sign that this mother of three was really in her own world. Her co-host, Kawalya Kayz, kept on looking at her in awe and asking her questions about her private life which she answered albeit very drunk. This angered her viewers who have already accused her of bleaching her skin in the recent past.

Recently, UCC ordered that these Gossip shows should air at 10 PM when children are asleep because they air explicit content which isn’t suitable for kids. Most of these shows rescheduled their time to 10 pm and some simply changed their names but remained to air at the same time disguised as other Programs. When I saw this, I realized that we were headed for the worst because now uttering obscenities and showing content that needs PG would be done in the open, after all the assumption is that kids are asleep, and I was right.

Zahara Totto is not the only TV Presenter who turns up drunk and wasted on TV. There are many others that come drunk as well. Many Media personalities both on TV and Radio use various substances to gain confidence as they present their shows.  Many MCs also use alcohol to appear confident on Stage and this also happens to some Musicians who come on stage after taking weed and alcohol to pull off very powerful performances for their audience.

Who Is Zahara Totto?

Zahara Tatto Is an accomplished TV presenter who in 2017, alongside fellow show host Anatalia Oze premiered the first-ever Gossip TV show called LIVE WIRE on Nation Media’s Spark TV. They then left to join NBS TV with another Gossip show called “UNCUT KALAKATA” from which many Gossip shows have copied. Toto is a former dancer in the obsessions Group, a former Public Relations Officer of the now-defunct Club Silk, an Events MC, and also a Radio host with 106.1 NXT RADIO and a fast budding Disc Jockey under the name DJ Zatto. She is not new to controversy. God bless.

By Vincent Sserunkuma

A Professional teacher and Writer.

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