Sextape Review! Robinah Sanyu Mweruka Bukedde TV Presenter

Sextape Review! Robinah Sanyu Mweruka Is A Church Woman

The statement ‘no one is innocent’ really holds so much water, when it reaches to Ugandan Celebrities! If a daughter to a reverend can spread her legs so wide like as if it were written in the Bible—“blessed are those who spread their legs before married men, for them their Sextape shall never leak!” Well, this daughter to a reverend. Sanyu Mweruka could have read the bible wrongly! Her Sextape is here and at However, it news because we don’t like seeing women in these so many sex clips having gloomy faces like as having sex is painful thing!!

Yes this Sanyu’s sex tape video certainly proves that she has a talent for fucking. However, talent can only take you so far in this world. Luckily for Sanyu – she also appears to be more than willing to put in the hard working needed (getting repeatedly nailed by same church style -Missionary) thus making it boring.

Back ground to the sex tape Leak!

It appears as though Bukedde news anchor Robinah Sanyu Mweruka has finally had a sex tape video leaked to the Web. As experts analyzed the video, a woman who bares a remarkable resemblance to Robinah Sanyu (most likely Robinah Sanyu Mweruka herself) expertly takes a hard one in her sinful video leak.

This certainly looks like a genuine Robinah Sanyu sex tape. However, this video is supposedly to have been leaked by some Bukedde TV employees! Robinah Sanyu Mweruka has been on bad terms with her fellow workers who she has even dragged to Police cells over defamatory statements said about her, that she was a disguised prostitute at Bukedde TV!! Married to Pascal Mweruka, Sanyu is rumored to have high Libido and having one man is a problem.

Her sister Cathy Nabunya of ‘Agomuttuntu’ and her station boss’ daughter, Aidha Nakkazi of‘Agabuutikidde’ were this month jailed at Nansana Police Post for some hours after Sanyu couldn’t keep quiet on two Bukedde babes attacking her of ‘Obwenzi’ [adultery] ! Demoted Bukedde station manager Semei Wessaali was said to have been feasting on the three, before fights erupted among the three sex hungry ladies.

Due to In-station scandals, Semei Wessaali was suspended and the two ladies as management attended to their cause! Robinah Sanyu survived the suspension as her competitors went on to serve their punishments!

The Cathy Nabunya and Aidha Nakkazi allegations against Sanyu seem to have incensed them to the marrow. And like they say, an innocent person has nothing to explain. Proof is now out showing Robinah Sanyu Mwenzi with her husband’s best friend! —and there we have her Sextape!