Self Drive Trips Accelerates Growth in Car Rentals Industry

pradoMost car rental companies that offers self drive services targets the young, middle class and leisure tourists who are interested in road trips and privacy when they are on a trip. Another thing hiring a car for self drive its somehow cheaper because you don’t need to pay for driver and even you get a chance to budget everything yourself like fuel and even you can bargain on accommodation.

The concept of self driving in the Car rental industry is becoming famous especially in major cities for weekend gateways like beach holidays among others. People nowadays prefer exploring different interesting destinations in the country on self drive due to the fact that the self drive trips are cheap and flexible and also many car rental companies are offering discounts to clients who book the car for self drive to explore Uganda attractions and those booking for many days.

The idea of self driving trips is generally developing in different parts of the country and this has led to the overall growth of the car rental sector.

The founder and CEO, 4×4 Uganda Ltd Paul Basudde said, Car rental Industry has seen remarkable development in the last couple of years. We are recording 40-50% growth month on month, measuring to over 1100% development in the recent 12 months. He also added that “Our vehicles have moved to almost all national parks of the country in the last few months. We have seen a surge demand from the level 2 cities as well.”

“4×4 Uganda Ltd has witnessed a steady growth in the recent few months. We started with only 10 vehicles in just 2 locations has now developed to over 200 vehicles and 50+ locations including to neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo. We are aiming a large fleet of up to 600 vehicles by June next year. In the next 5 years we would love to create a fleet of 5000 vehicles in over 150 cities in all East African countries. We are currently a community of 70 offices and we hope to establish more offices around the country for easy access and to many neighbouring African countries.” He added.