Sale of Rwandan Women for Marriage in Uganda Escalates

The despicable activity of selling women of Rwandan origin to Ugandan men came in as a mere rumor but now it is evident that Rwandan girls are being sold off to Ugandan men for marriage.  These beauties are flogged into Uganda with the main aim of being brides to men who are interested in settling with a partner for life. In Mityana district Uganda, men interested in these ladies pay a fee of 80,000 Uganda shilling to get a better half.

Captain Yahaya Kakooza the Mityana residential district commissioner started the investigation to get to the bottom of the matter and also to counter check if there is any shady scheme involved.

We happened to bump into one of the residents of Mityana who revealed that many men prefer marrying Rwandan ladies to Ugandan ones because they are beautiful humble and loyal to their husband. He further said that he is also looking forward to getting a juicy babe from Rwanda.

It is alleged that the political relationship between Uganda and Rwanda is strained and the two presidents of the two countries cannot have a private meeting.