In an official letter addressed to the people of Egypt from the Embassy of Russia in Egypt, the Russian had the following to say about why they invaded Ukraine

Statement by the Russian Ambassador to Egypt Georgiy Borisenko on the situation in Ukraine

I would like to address you concerning the disinformation campaign against Russia’s special operation to protect the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk Peoples Republic. Western and Ukrainian politicians and the media literally filled the global media environment • with lies about the causes of operation.

Russia did not start the war. Russia wants to end the war. End the war that the Kyiv regime, which came to power as a result of a coup in February 2014, has been waging for eight years and still continues against the Donbass and any residents of Ukraine, who do not agree with its policy of banning the Russian language and glorifying the Nazism. There were dozens of such dissenters that the Ukrainian Nazis burned alive in May 2014 in Odessa and killed thousands of people in Donetsk and Lugansk with a continuous tire of residential areas over the next eight years.

All this happened not only with the knowledge of the United States and NATO, but also with their full support. Washington, which has complete control of the Kyiv regime, and other Western capitals watched with pleasure as Russians were killed and Ukraine returned to the Nazi Third Reich when its territory was occupied by Nazi Germany. Moreover, Ukraine began to be used to deploy American and other NATO armed forces and weapons in order to create a direct military threat to Russia.

The final straw was President Zelensky’s statement on February 19 that Ukraine would like to acquire nuclear weapons. Consequently, he crossed the “red line” in the threats to Russia. Taking into account his previous statements, there is no doubt that such a nuclear weapon would be used against our country.

If American or Ukraine ballistic missiles appeared in the northeast of Ukraine near the Russian border, 4-5 minutes would be enough for them to reach Moscow. This is an obvious existential threat to our state.

Therefore, our goal is not the occupation of Ukraine, but its demilitarization. It is necessary to end the aggression against the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, which the Kyiv regime itself has cut off from Ukrainian territory through years of shelling and economic blockade. There should not be any Western troops and weapons in Ukraine, as they threaten the security of Russia. It should abandon its declared course of joining the anti-Russian NATO bloc and, as an option, adopt a neutral status.

In addition, the denazification of Ukraine is required, as happened with Germany after the Second World War. Then a significant part of the German population was also drugged by Nazi propaganda. Nowadays, its role is played by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who firmly hold President Zelensky in their hands, and the collective West, which has been trying to tear Ukraine away from Russia for thirty years, and for this purpose it is ready to help any scumbags and outspoken killers.

Therefore, the Western press is lying excitedly that the Russian Armed Forces are shelling residential areas of Ukrainian cities. On foot, the strikes are carried out only on military facilities – airfields, ammunition depots, military headquarters, etc. No one is firing at residential buildings and social institutions. Russian troops are as careful as possible. They not only try not to harm civilians but also do not want to harm the Ukrainian military if they do not resist.

It is the reason why the Russian army’s advance is slow. It doesn’t cover all the targets with a flurry of fire as the USA usually does spreading so-called democracy. Russia is trying to save all human lives.

The videos demonstrated by American, British, and other Western media are fabricated by Ukrainian security services including through the use of actors or cutscenes of the Ukrainian army attacks on the civilians in Donbas. Murderers of women and children in Donetsk and Lugansk are trying to pass off a large number of photos and videos as footage from Kyiv and Kharkov.

Do not believe Westem lies. Just think about who began to talk about international law? The countries are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands or even millions of Arab people. It was Britain and France who had colonized the Middle East and North Africa for ages, forcefully suppressing any resistance with a view to plundering their resources. It was the US who had destroyed Iraq and mined a vast number of innocent lives. It was NATO who had bombed Libya and made Libyans suffer for almost eleven years.

The US still wants to dictate to the whole world how to live. Russia does not agree with this and stands in the way of Washington’s hegemonic aspirations. Therefore, the Americans, together with their subordinates from NATO, are attacking our country, using Ukraine as an instrument in their geopolitical plans.

We hope that friendly Egypt will understand and support Russia’s position, including in the international arena. Russia defends justice, wants to stop the fight which was not started by it as soon as possible. Our cause is right.

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