Roman Abramovich the Russian billionaire and the current owner of Chelsea Football Club has come out to inform the world that he will be selling Chelsea Football club and the net income out of the sale will be donated to the war victims in Ukraine.

The Russian billionaire bought Chelsea Football Club in 2003 at a £140m deal. Since 2003, he has loaned Chelsea football club close to £1.5billion but upon disclosure of his decision to sell the English club, he said that he will not ask any of those loans to be repaid. According to Roman Abramovich, his investment in Chelsea football was purely out of the love for the game, not business.

Hansjorg Wyss the Swiss billionaire is likely to be the next owner of Chelsea football. The decision to sell the club is believed to have been provoked by Abramovich’s fear of Russian-related sanctions that have become the order of the day since the Russian-Ukraine war broke out.

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