Rental Cars Uganda Ltd to launch doorstep delivery

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd says numerous self-drive car rental agencies internationally offer a few elements of convenience; however they do it in odds and ends.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd a locally based car rental agency says it is trying to rethink the car rental company with the launched unlimited kilometers and self drive door step delivery pricing.

They also added that they are aiming at creating a unique service and highlights top selling points, doorstep delivery of self drive car hire to all clients, 100% of the time; pricing plan that doesn’t count kilometers; the agency staff on foldable electric bikes to reach parking areas. Furthermore, it has, all the while, eliminated the parking stations idea totally, making booking of the vehicle as quick and simple as ordering for food.

Befuddling Maybe. Nonetheless, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd says that what it is offering has not been done by any car rental company in the whole world.

The first unique advancement is “immaculate play door-step delivery of the rental vehicle”, even for hourly rentals. To make this feasible, they furnish every delivery official with a foldable electric bike that fits in the boot of each vehicle, and turns into a cost effectively, speedy and environment-friendly method for returning to the stopping centers. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is wagering on a shift in client behavior towards hiring instead of owning resources, for example, vehicles. For this it has totally re-worked the pervasive self-drive rental model.

The agency clarifies, “Private vehicle proprietorship is in a general sense wasteful. This is particularly valid for a family’s 2nd or 3rd vehicle, or the SUV/ultra- luxury vehicles that are used just every so often. We are here to make a car rental really reliable to avoid the shirking/delay of auto proprietorship. This needs us to rethink every element of car rental services, and make the client’s enjoy experience like that of using a private vehicle. Cloning common models won’t work.”

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd says different car rental agencies internationally offer some elements of convenience, yet they do it in bits-and-pieces. Clients can make them thing however not the other. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd says it gives integrated services.

Thus, the ‘unlimited kilometers’ pricing arrangement is extremely simple and offers a similar flexibility to that of using a personal vehicle.

Rental cars Uganda Ltd launched on Friday, March 17 2017 in Kampala Uganda and has seen 50% use in the initial 3 weeks, with 2 ‘sold-out’ weekends.