2023 seems to be one of the worst years of the self-proclaimed Major prophet Uebert Angel. The year opened with Apostle Osayi of Remnant Christian Network stating that miracle money is a false doctrine that he can best describe as fraud.

“Prophet” Uebert Angel in response called Apostle Osayi Mad and incapable of receiving a miracle. It should be noted that “Prophet” Uebert Angel has for more than 10 years preached and taught what can be referred to as a prosperity gospel with a major emphasis on miracle money.

However what has caught the spotlight is not miracle money, but Uebert Angel’s participation in money laundering which is one of the marks of a lack of integrity. In a four-part documentary that was released by Aljazeera, the first episode exposed how “Prophet” Uebert Angel was using his country diplomat office for money laundering.

In a trending video, Angel was closing a deal to launder over one billion USD into Zimbabwe. In his submission, he said that he has been laundering smaller sums such as 100 million USD to 250 million USD. He said that it was going to be his first time laundering such a big amount. He promised to use his customs immunity to transfer to $1 billion into Zimbabwe.

The one billion was later going to be used to buy gold in Zimbabwe, which was later to be exported to UAE and sold to legitimize the one billion USD.

Here is the link to the full documentary about Gold Mafias in Africa with a major spotlight on Zimbabwe. There are other countries that are expected to feature in the other parts of the documentary. These include but are not limited to South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia among several other gold mining and transit centers.

So far, they have only released one episode.


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