Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale is deeply in love with her new boyfriend, Phil Amooti. Komuntale is completely smitten and has been sharing pictures with her new boyfriend on Instagram, one after the other. She refers to him as her heaven-sent.

The latest we gather is that an introduction is in the pipeline next month then later in April they will wed. It is not clear how long the two have known each other but they are deeply in love. Komuntale was previously married to an American Christopher Thomas before they bitterly split.

It should also remember the princess of Tooro has been having troubled relationships in the past years. A few years, she got married to an American dude Christopher Thomas whose demeanor did resonate with the norms and traditions of the kingdom. Their marriage has lost of backlashes from the elders of the kingdom and later, they split ways.

Now the beautiful princess is past her bad days since she got a man who loves and truly respects her. These have been flaunting their love on social media and finally, they have made it vivid by announcing that they will be walking down the aisles soon this year

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