Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has tested positive for COVID-19, announced a senior official from the health ministry on Wednesday. Despite the diagnosis, President Museveni is in good health and will continue carrying out his duties while receiving treatment.

The confirmation of the President’s positive COVID-19 test came today after he developed mild flu-like symptoms. However, he remains in robust health and is adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for managing COVID-19 cases, according to a tweet by Diane Atwine, the permanent secretary at the health ministry.

Earlier in the day, following his State of the Nation address at the parliament grounds, President Museveni, aged 78, indicated that he may have contracted the virus. He mentioned experiencing a slight cold, prompting him to undergo COVID-19 testing.

President Museveni revealed that two out of three tests yielded negative results, while he awaited the outcome of the remaining test. In a statement, he humorously referred to himself as a “suspect of corona” and explained that the separate arrival with the First Lady, Janet Museveni, to the parliament was a precautionary measure.

During his address, President Museveni highlighted the Ugandan government’s efforts in strengthening the country’s healthcare systems over the past three years. These efforts include significant improvements in regional and national referral hospitals. Additionally, 225 health center IIs have been renovated and upgraded to health center IIIs.

“In addition, we have bolstered the country’s capacity in vaccine development,” President Museveni further emphasized.

Despite the President’s COVID-19 diagnosis, Uganda remains committed to its ongoing initiatives to enhance healthcare infrastructure and fight against the pandemic. The nation stands united in supporting President Museveni’s recovery and maintaining the stability of governance during this challenging time.

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