The premier league season 2023/24 has opened in high gear after a number of headline matches during the weekend. Manchester City opened with an away 3:0 win against Burnley. The main highlight of this match was the fact that Vincent Kompany the Manchester City legend was facing Manchester City as a manager.

The expectations were not too high given the fact that Burnley has just been promoted to the premier league. It would have been so much a major headline if they had drawn or won the match. The major headline was the fact that for the first time in premier league history, someone has scored both the first and second goals of the league. It is now another record to the name of Halland just at the beginning of the season.

Arsenal; last season’s title contenders kept many waiting to see how good they were going to play their first match. It was generally a nice game but Nottm Forest seems like it had come with the intention of not getting humiliated at Emirates. They had not come fetch 3 points.

Arsenal felt very comfortable throughout the match until Nottm Forest netted their only goal. It was then that they realized that they could attack Arsenal and get some points out of this game but they realized it late. Arsenal was able to walk away with 3 points and a goal to spare.

The main match of the weekend was the battle between Liverpool and Chelsea at ended in a draw. Unlike the previous season; it seems like Chelsea has really improved. They were able to convert a goal as well as fairly hold up against Liverpool.

Defensive-wise; both teams have a lot of work to do. A draw was a fair result but the game would have gone either way. It was quite balanced.

Tottenham also put up a show for the first time without Harry Kane. This game was also balanced, it would have ended either way. A 2:2 draw was a fair result. There was no better team.

Lastly; there were two teams that owned the weekend; that is New Castle trashing Aston Villa 5:1 and Brighton Crashing Luton Town 4:1 in a warm welcome to the premier league game. At the moment, Newcastle leading the premier league table with 4 goals, followed by Brighton and Manchester City.

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