For a long time, one of the most pressing problems around the world has been climate change, unemployment, inequalities, same-sex marriages among several other pressing problems. However, the world seems to agree on several issues regarding climate change, racism, income inequalities among other challenges.

The two major religions in the whole world being Christianity and Islam are always waited upon to declare themselves on issues regarding same-sex marriages. But the conclusion has been unclear since all respected sects in these religions seem to hold contrary stands.

Pope Francis called forth civil union laws for same-sex couples. This was during a documentary that aired in Rome on Wednesday. However, there is only one challenge with this stand, the Vatican doctrinal office’s stand on this matter.

In that documentary, the pope was quoted advocating for the homosexual’s right to a family on the basis of them being children of God too thus should not be thrown out because of their sexual orientation. He did not only call for the establishment of civil laws supporting the matter, rather he called upon people to stand up for these laws

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