As you are all aware, the Police under its mandate to regulate public meetings under section 32(1), of the Police Act, granted permission to the National Unity Platform, to conduct nationwide mobilization activities and official opening of party offices. Additional guidelines on the proper conduct of the activities were also given, which included proof of permission from owners of venues, gatherings in town halls or appropriately enclosed areas, prohibition of processions, demonstrations, unregulated rallies, acts of incitement to violence, or other public order management violations.

While we completely support the right of individuals, groups, and other citizens to peacefully gather or assemble, and make their views on matters of public policy, we have noticed that, in all areas where the NUP mobilization activities have been carried out, there have been total breaches to the guidelines, thus causing public disorder, unnecessary traffic jams, loss of business, malicious damage to property, for instance in Mbarara City, their rowdy supporters vandalized a Toyota Hiace, under reg. no. UBD 251J, and traffic accidents, including a fatal one in Hoima City, on 11.09.2023, where a one, Mugisa Norman died and 10 others got serious injuries, during the NUP convoy.

Furthermore, in Kasana-Luweero District, the mobilization activity, was used to incite violence, promote sectarianism, make illegitimate calls for the removal of an elected government, and issuance of defamatory statements against the person of H.E. The President of the Republic of Uganda.

In view of the above blatant breaches of the guidelines, the activities of the NUP are immediately suspended. This announcement is a follow-up, to our communication of the 12.09.2023, to the NUP leadership, halting the planned mobilization activities and opening of offices, until such a time that they are ready to comply with the guidelines and rule of law. We are sending this strong message, that our country, Uganda, will not wait for its villages, towns, Urban centers and cities to burn, before taking action to protect its citizens and property. We are going to put an end to the mob mentality, bullying and intimidating tactics of NUP radicals, against innocent civilians and Law enforcers.

We have very robust plans to uphold rule of law, in liaison with other stakeholders and will respond appropriately, against all perpetrators of incitement to violence, that can lead to civil unrest throughout the country. Uganda is one of the safest country in the region and across the globe and we plan for it to remain that way. This directive stands, until such a time when the NUP is compliant and law-abiding.

Maj Gen
13th SEPTEMBER, 2023

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