Police Officer Accused of Fatally Shooting Indian Money Lender Claims Motive of Feeling Cheated

A police officer stands accused of shooting and killing an Indian money lender, citing a sense of being cheated as the reason for his actions. Constable Ivan Wabwire was apprehended while attempting to cross the border into neighboring Kenya from Busia. After his arrest, he was brought back to Kampala for questioning about the heinous act.

During the subsequent interrogation, Officer Wabwire displayed a notable absence of remorse, offering no apology for his actions. He confessed to the murder, asserting that the victim had allegedly cheated him in relation to his loan portfolio. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga relayed this information, further emphasizing Wabwire’s lack of remorse.

Enanga added, “We have also escorted him to the magistrate’s office to provide an extrajudicial statement.” An extrajudicial statement is a narrative provided by a suspect to a magistrate, detailing their involvement in an alleged crime.

Emerging details shed more light on the investigation. Detectives discovered that Wabwire had taken a loan of one million shillings from TFS Financial Services at Raja Chambers on Parliamentary Avenue in 2020. He was obligated to pay 320,000 shillings as interest for this loan.

Enanga revealed that before completing the initial loan, the police constable took out another loan in 2021 under similar terms, amounting to one million shillings. He was expected to make monthly payments of 110,000 shillings to the money lender.

The police argue that Wabwire’s actions indicate premeditation leading up to the shooting. Enanga explained, “On the day prior to the incident, Wabwire, dressed in civilian attire, met with Uttam Bhandari to ascertain the status of his loan and discuss plans to exchange it for a salary loan at Stanbic Bank’s William Street branch, where his salary is deposited. There was no agreement between him and the director of TFS. Subsequently, he returned on Friday and killed Bhandari.”

According to Enanga, after firing at the Indian money lender, Wabwire discovered that he was still breathing and proceeded to fire additional shots, ultimately causing his death. “His target was solely the victim. With confidence, he left the scene, hailed a boda-boda motorcycle, returned the gun to the office of the scenes of crime officer, and requested that it be kept while he went on a short break,” Enanga detailed.

President Museveni, along with members of the public, expressed criticism regarding the sluggish response of the police force, which failed to take prompt action from the time of the incident until Wabwire’s return to the Central Police Station, located a few meters away from the crime scene.

Later, Wabwire changed his uniform and fled to his home village in Busia. The police spokesperson, however, stated that the officers at the Central Police Station were unaware of the incident when Wabwire returned.

“At this stage, no suspicion had been raised due to the absence of any reports. However, it is unfortunate that there was no immediate reaction or careful attention given to the officer’s conduct before, during, and after the shooting,” Enanga remarked.

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