Pastor Bungingo’s marriage and divorce saga has been trending for close to two years now. But the main highlight has been his recent introduction with Susan Makula. Here is what you need to know before we proceed with the story.

  • Divorce is contrary to “Popular” Christian Beliefs though there are some grounds for divorce in the bible
  • Pastor Bugingo already moved on to find himself another wife who introduced him last week
  • Teddy Bugingo; former wife but still the legal wife is not ready to divorce him based on her Christian beliefs
  • Pastor Bugingo is ready for divorce based on his “Christian” beliefs too
Pastor Bugingo and His New Wife Susan Makula during Kukyala

Most of the arguments in this matter have been based on scriptural references and the legal terms that many people have been referring to. But the most forgotten aspect is the fact that marriage is a civil matter of consent. It is a mutual agreement between two consenting adults.

The issue at hand is not whether the scripture permits divorce nor is it a matter of whether it is legal and right. It is simply a matter of whether the two legal partners are willing to continue together. As the saying goes; “with a willing heart, there are a thousand ways but with an unwilling heart; there are a thousand excuses”

We should not be caught up in an exchange of excuses veiled as ways. If the issue is the Christian beliefs, God permits everyone to make choices as they see fit. Whether he agrees with your choice or not. He allows you to have your choice. It is why pastors make altar calls but not everyone turns up though God desires people to be saved from evil. The issue then should not be on whether God permits divorce or not. The issue should be whether the two believers are willing to continue married just like it is when it comes to altar calls.

Once we get to a point where one of the parties is unwilling to continue in the marriage, they should be let go since the Christian faith has called us to peace, not strife. It does not make divorce right, it simply implies that one or both the parties have not met the christ that saves to the uttermost.

For instance, the most quoted divorce chapter; Matthew 19 opens with Jesus’ ministry of healing. Think about it, what can’t Jesus heal? Is there anything impossible with God? Obviously, there is nothing impossible with God. Furthermore; before Jesus gives the quoted scripture of divorce, he highlights the hardness of heart. But remember the promises of a new heart. Something worth pondering, can a new heart conceive divorce?

To better put context to this matter let us look at the case of the Pharisees and God (Jesus). I am not a theologian but think through with me along the following lines; “Matthew 21:43 Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.” The issue at hand is not whether it is right for Pharisees to believe in Jesus. The issue is the Pharisees have already made up their mind not to believe whatever Jesus has to say. Therefore they look out for every excuse to justify what they believe. Even when Jesus calls them to look into their own scripture, they still choose to hold unto their personal beliefs with the pretence that they are grounded in scripture.

At this point, it is no longer a matter of whether Pharisees can change their mind or not. It becomes an earnest wait to what will happen to them once they continually choose to continue rejecting Jesus. Back to the issue of Pastor Bugingo. He is not seeking out whether divorce is right or not. He already has his mind made up on what he wants to believe and like the Pharisees; nothing is likely to change his mind unless it is an open encounter with the lord like in the case of Paul.

He has his mind made up for divorce and regardless of how many scriptures you can highlight on whether he should divorce or not; that does not matter. What matters is; he has his mind made up to divorce and he is not open to opinions. In this case, regardless of whether God permits divorce, what people say, think, or imagine; Pastor Bugingo’s first divorce is most likely to happen.

“Judgement only comes to a man whose mind is made up to pursue a certain line” “Repentance is only available to a man who has created room for contrary opinions”. In conclusion; issues of consent can never be overridden by the principal.


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