On 20th June 2021; the prime minister of Uganda made a press statement about the aid that was going to be offered to the most affected individuals during the 42 days of lockdown that started on the 19th of June 2021. After a number of consultations, another press statement was made about offering Ugx 100,000 relief to vulnerable individuals via mobile money.

The Makerere University Guild has appealed to the prime minister of Uganda to also consider over 200 Mubs students who are stuck in the hostels among the vulnerable Ugandans fit for the lockdown aid.

When the president announced the lockdown, the transportation fees were more than tripled which left some students stuck at their hostels. The limited money that could not pass for transport was used since then for their survival in the hostels. The students wish to be considered for the Covid-19 relief aid so that they can also make it through the lockdown at least with a meal daily.


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