Uganda is set to start a new process of updating national identity cards come June 2023. According to the minister of internal affairs, General Kahinda Otafiire the national identity card registration is not to give Ugandans citizenship, it is rather to recognize their citizenship.

General Kahinda Otafiire said that the details are not yet clear since they have not yet started the process by what the public needs to know is that the national identity card will capture several other details such as the DNA and retinal scan.

In his submission at the Uganda media center in Kampala on the 10th of August 2022, the minister of internal affairs made it clear that the national identity cards will be free of charge for any Ugandan. However, those who prefer to have express services; will have to part with 50,000 Ugx to facilitate the service.

The estimated budget for the new identity cards is a tune of 500 to 600 billion Uganda shillings. At the moment, the details of how Ugandans will acquire their new national identification cards are not clear. But according to the minister of internal affairs; general Kahinda Otafiire, they will be communicating in due course.

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