The Vehicle park entry fees had earlier been paid on a 24-hour basis. However non-tourist vehicles were paying per entry, not on a 24-hour basis like tourist vehicles. This rose conflicting feedback from a number of stakeholders calling for a revision of the suggested vehicle park entry tariff.

According to the meeting held by the stakeholders of tourism in Uganda; vehicle entry fees were part of the agenda. The letter that was made public on the 9th of August acknowledges that vehicles, boats, and aircrafts’ entry and landing fees were one of the things that had to be revised. The UWA management reviewed the request thus reinstituting the 24-hour entry ticket validity.

The vehicles boats and aircraft will be allowed to pay for only one time in 24hours as done for the tourist vehicles. The suggestion is temporary but the management is trying to see the solution for the park entry on a permanent basis. The final decision will be communicated on the tariff by the management of UWA

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