MV Kalangala Ferry is back for Operation

MV Kalangala ferry, which travels from Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe to Lutoboka, Buggala Islands in Kalangala District, is back from service. The vessel has spent more than six month years in Mwenza (Tanzania) under go repair.
Every year, the vessel undergoes servicing and by the time it was take for repair, it was under very poor mechanical condition thus a need to protect people’s lives. The vessel can carry 150 passengers in first class or economy.
It applies only two routes from Kalangala, starting at 8:30am to Nakiwogo in Entebbe where it docks at 11am. At around 2pm it leaves Entebbe for Kalangala which it reaches at 5pm. Trader, visitors and tourists where filled with happiness at receiving the information about the return of the ship.
MV Kalangala, the major active Ugandan water vessel on Lake Victoria, was built in 2005, in fulfillment of President Museveni’s 2001 campaign pledge to the islanders. Uganda’s marine transport has over the years had a number of challenges, with travellers spending more time in transit than required.