There are many opportunities for tourists to explore and experience Uganda, but have you ever thought about what to pack or wear on your Uganda safari? Uganda is an outstanding destination offering the most thrilling gorilla trekking experiences. Aside from visiting the massive mountain gorillas, there is also a chance to enjoy other activities or explore other attractions on the Uganda tour including game drives, mountaineering, birding, hiking and more.

How or what you pack may depend on what you plan to do while on Uganda safari tour. If you are visiting Uganda, the Pearl of Africa for the first time or as a repeat traveler, here are some of the must-have items for road trips;

Two spare wheels and good tyres

Road trips in Uganda are full of fun, but nothing gets you stuck like having a  flat tire and you have no spare. No matter the destination, it is always recommended to have two extra wheels and good tyres to cater for emergencies such as punctures. If you hiring a car in Uganda for self-drive tour, feel free to ask your car service provider about the spare tyre to avoid having issues en-route to your destination.

Good wheel-changing tools

In case of any breakdowns, you don’t need to get stuck. Before setting off to your destination, you must have good wheel-changing tools. Your tour operator can avail you with some of these tools and not to have worries, consider renting a car or planning your road trip in Uganda with us. Our rental cars in Uganda come when fully equipped with essentials such as wheel-changing tools.

First aid kit

Whether it is your first time on a road trip in Uganda or a second time, a first aid kit is a must-have. The first aid kit usually contains many useful items ideal for simmers, hikers, climbers or even when you are on a wildlife safari. The first aid kit pack should comprise of bandages/plasters, ligament, safety pins, tweezers, wipers, disposable sterile gloves, antibiotic ointment, and others.

 High lift jack

While on a road trip, higher chances are you may get stuck in the mud due to muddy ground. With high lift jacks, you can easily get yourself off from the mud. You can easily lift the tyre out of the hole or the entire car and makes the high-lift jacks the must-have kit for your road trip in Uganda.

Communication device

On any road trip, you must keep in touch with your car rental service provider, especially in case of any emergency issues. This is why you must have a good communication device such as a telephone. This can save you in case you encounter issues on a road trip in Uganda.

Deflator and inflator

Deflators and inflators play an important part when it comes to road trips. Deflators are special tools that you can use to quickly air down your car tyre to the tyre pressure of your choice. You, therefore, need good, and quality deflators/inflators for your Uganda road trips.

Shovel and tow rope

Both shovel and tow rope are needed as soon as you think of undertaking a road trip to any part of Uganda. A shovel can help you scoop the soil away when you get stuck and a tow rope will be used for pulling. These are the must-have devices for emergencies.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers come in handy for any need to put off or control fires. After a long drive, your car may experience some burn and the immediate solution is the fire extinguisher.

Adequate fuel range

When it comes to road trips, take note of the distance you plan to cover. To be on the safer side, a 4×4 rental car with a fuel consumption range of at least less than  17 litres per 100km or 1 litre per 6 km. This is also popularly referred to as ‘fuel economy.’

Pair of reflector triangles

A pair of reflector triangles serve best as a warning emergency, especially when there is a breakdown or crash. They are usually placed on the roadside notifying other drivers of what is taking place ahead of them.

Reflector jackets

The reflector jackets are used to signal the presence of the user and situations that could possibly result to threats to their safety and health. They can be used during day or night.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables (Jump leads) are insulated wires and usually, they come in pairs with alligator clips. They are used to connect a car battery to another energy source that is from another car or other batteries.

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