Islam is one of the religions if not the only religion in Uganda that has a constitutional exception in regard to marriage. However when it came to the amendment of the succession Act of 2021; Ms Robinah Rwakoojo the woman member of parliament for Gomba west county said that the new succession law will apply to every Ugandan regardless of their religion.

Muslims have Quran-based guidelines on how to go about succession. In November 2021 Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa raised his concern over the parliament of Uganda enacting a law that infringes on their freedom of worship.

According to the new law, a husband or wife; whoever dies first will inherit 20% of their partner’s wealth. Lineal descendants are entitled to 75% of the deceased’s property. However, in an incident where the partner has school-attending children, 20% of the 75% is ring-fenced for the coverage of school fees. In an incident where the couple was childless; the spouse receives 50% of the property while family relatives receive 49% of the property. The 1% is reserved for the heir.

Upon signing by the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the new law will also permit the divorced spouse or widow to also share in the property of the deceased former husband.

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