Bebe cool sent shock waves in the music industry when he said he would expose musicians whom he gave NRM money. Too many, this was a joke until he released a video of singer Hilderman receiving money from him.

Moles have learned that since then, some musicians have flooded Bebe Cool’s WhatsApp with messages requesting him not to release their videos.

Others have even gone ahead to make direct calls to Bebe Cool, a source says. Even those that did not receive the money have been pleading with him to excuse his colleagues. Kato Lubwama is one person among many who has talked to Bebe Cool about the matter.

Bebe Cool pressed a panic button when he posted on his Facebook wall a few days ago “Ndeete ndeete” literally asking if he should release more videos. It is not yet certain whether Bebe Cool will heed to the cries of his fellows.

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