Mumbere Defied Museveni on Royal Guards – UPDF

museveni-mumbere-coronationBrig. Peter Elweru the Commander of UPDF Second Division has revealed that revealed that President Museveni called Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere inducing him to hand over his fighters before the attack on his royal residence on Sunday evening.

The Join Police Force and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) on Sunday afternoon attacked the Obusinga royal residence before capturing the dubious King.

Brig Elweru told the reporters after the raid that, yesterday night they talked to the King and again the president himself talked to him and they agreed he remains with only 9 (3 cooks and 6 guards).

He said that they had concurred that by 11am on Sunday, the royal guards should have been given over to the joint security team, including the ultimatum was stretched out for two more hours futile.

“The president again called and gave him two more hours to deal with it. We sent in messengers to try persuading King to surrender those individuals yet we understood that he was under attack by his own guards.”

It stays vague why Mumbere did not concur with Museveni’s conditions.

The Rwenzururu is driven by combative officials.

With heavy gunfire shaking the royal residence, we were not able acquire a legitimate response from the Kingdom.

The Rwenzururu blame government for underestimation in extension of social services and inability to address the land issues.

“When the King chose to remain defiant, the armed forces had to take action.” Said Elweru
He also added that, the forces realized the King’s guards where armed and shooting at them, leading them to shot back.

The Omusinga (King) was finally arrested and was taken to a waiting armored military vehicle before handing him to Assistant Inspector General of Police, Asuman Mugenyi and later transferred to Kampala in tight security.