The Uganda tweeting general Muhoozi Kainerugaba has shooked his followers on Twitter after his abrupt shut down of his official Twitter account @mkainerugaba. Similar to Ariana Grande’s deleted Twitter account in the initial stages, Muhoozi’s account displays “something went wrong”

This kind of error message comes up when someone deletes or deactivates their Twitter account. In instances where Twitter has taken action against a Twitter account, messages such as “Account suspended” are displayed. For example, former American president Donald Trump is one of the people that have been banned from Twitter and until now his official Twitter account displays the message “Account Suspended”

Comparing the two accounts, it clearly appears that Muhoozi’s account is off not because Twitter has taken action against him but rather because of three possibilities:

  • The account was hacked and deleted
  • The account admin deleted the account or deactivated it
  • Muhoozi himself deleted his account or deactivated his Twitter account

With respect to the above possibilities, Twitter taking action against Muhoozi’s account is not among the possibilities. Unfortunately, a number of Muhoozi followers on Twitter have come out sanctioning Mr. Parag Agrawal the chief executive officer of Twitter demanding an explanation as to why Muhoozi’s account is no more.  Others have stood in solidarity to show their support for Muhoozi regardless of his Twitter account having issues.

Others have related the matter to Muhoozi’s Tweet that claimed that he was being targeted by tech giants thus concluding this is merely a takedown by Twitter. But could this be the matter?

Deleted Twitter Accounts

Ariana Grande deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts for reasons we do not want to get into but a few hours after she had deleted her account, it displayed something similar to that of Muhoozi’s Twitter account.

A few hours after Ariana Grande’s Twitter Account had displayed something similar to Muhoozi’s account (something went wrong), Twitter displayed a message saying the account was nonexistent. Compare this scene with Donald Trump’s account which has been down for a couple of years now, it is very likely that Muhoozi’s account was simply deleted.

Until Muhoozi’s account displays the message “This account doesn’t exist”, we cannot ascertain what exactly happened to Muhoozi’s account but all pointers seem to show that his account was either deleted or deactivated.

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