The Member of Parliament for Rushenyi county, Ms. Naome Kabasharira informed the public through one of the top city Newspapers that she is in the process of preparing a bill to downsize the Ugandan parliament that currently has a provision for 529 honorable members of parliament.

According to her envisaged bill; she is suggesting that each district in Uganda should be represented by two honorable members of parliament. In order to ensure gender equality; each district should have one male and one female honorable member of parliament. In regard to the 135 districts in Uganda; the bill will make provision for 270 democratically and publically voted members of parliament.

She said her bill has been inspired by the huge expense incurred to facilitate a parliament of 529 members yet without proper added value in regard to service delivery. In her view; the mushrooming constituencies are a result of selfishness grounded in the benefits that come with being an honorable member of parliament.


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