More Rangers to be deployed in Queen Elizabeth National Park to fight poachers

Mainly known for wildlife watching and the Uganda’s most visited park, Queen Elizabeth National Park is among the leading wildlife destinations in Africa and because of its lovely tourism fraternities. The park is estimated to host about 100 wild animals including some rare species. Be that as it may, poaching has for the past 2 years affected the par negatively as the local people wild animals in the park for skins, hides, meat and many others. This has negatively affected the tourism industry in the country leading to depletion of some animals particularly the elephants which are executed for ivory. According top the survey conducted by Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda lost about 20 elephants last year a thing that got organization worried that these elegant can reach to extinction.

This has incited the government to find different ways of fighting poaching which if not stopped, can prompt low revenues collected from the tourism industry. In doing this, the government promised to train more park rangers and also equip them with weapons and these will be deployed around Queen Elizabeth National Park. They will keep 24 hours a day watch over the national park ensuring that no harm is caused to the wild animals.

In her words, the Tourism minister, Hon. Maria Mutagamba said that poachers are talented and along these lines it requires a well trained and equipped force to track them down. This is why the park rangers are required to go through a serious training to be able to protect both their lives and those of the animals in the national park.

Uganda is famously known for its wonderful and rare tourism fraternities and wildlife are one of the essential tourist attractions in the country. The presence of various mammal species made it one of the most lovely tourist destinations in the continent and it is also referred to as the pearl of Africa. One unique thing about a Uganda wildlife safari is that the animals are visited in their natural environment.
Forget the zoos where creatures are caged and guests see them as they are trapped, in Uganda; a game drive through any of the wildlife parks in the country expose the tourist to these wild animals as they graze and hunt for food. You may wonder how this can happen to see these dangerous wild animals at a short range however with the protection of well trained park ranger and vehicle designed for wildlife watching, you can see these wild animals at a short distance without any attack.

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