The travel restrictions keep on changing time after time in an attempt to cab the spread of the Covid-19 variants that have kept popping up time after time. Today the minister of health Jane Ruth Aceng has addressed the nation about the current state of the pandemic and the new entry requirement for those intending to enter Uganda.

She said; “With effect from 3 Sept 2021, All travelers (including children) irrespective of vaccination status or country of origin, are required to arrive with a negative PCR test done 72 hrs prior to travel and will be required to undergo mandatory screening and a PCR test at their own cost”

Regarding the travelers from India, they are shifted from the category 1 countries to the category two countries. Like any other travelers; they are required to attain a negative PCR certificate not later than 72 hours of their travel to Uganda.

Any traveler that tests negative at any of Uganda’s border points will be allowed to proceed with his or her journey. Any traveler that tests positive will be transferred to an isolation facility under the supervision of the ministry.

Unlike the former travel restrictions; this time the children are also required to undergo testing and on top of that, in case they test positive; they will undergo a home quarantine with their parents or guardian

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