Minimalist Kitchen Set

Project black and white kitchen set is rich in learning the value of space and ergonomics of the whole kitchen set itself, as well as maximizing the function in a small area. We follow client include to join this set of kitchen mix determining the material to processing and composition area to get the kitchen set the desired ideal client.

Due to the small area Kitchen Set with a lot of functions and facilities, the area of processing functions and ergonomics processed more deeply to get the final result of the maximum. Really have to be sensitive and efficient thinking to the extent and placement, so all circulation in the kitchen to be comfortable. Improvisation is needed in this kitchen set, when some parts of a strange and lack of harmonization. As well as the main thing is sensitivity to dimensions that must be sharpened ever.

Unlike the previous project. Here I plunge deeper in terms of supervision, installation engineering and tidiness in the completion of furniture. As well as fast thinking to resolve issues arising alternating the location. But, after all is finished, it is the impression that is so deep, satisfied and once again become richer in experience.