Micheal Ross Thrown Off GinuWine Stage Like Chicken Thief!!

Music lovers in Uganda in the early 90s should have enjoyed hit songs like “in those jeans” and “difference” and the person who was behind them was Ginuwine. His real name is Elgin Baylor Lumpkin and he was one of the best RnB stars in the 90s. Ginuwine slotted into Uganda to perform at the Johnnie walker jazz and soul safari stage at Speke Resort Munyonyo last Saturday on 1st December 2018.

Despite having met Ginuwine earlier at the Press Conference, Bouncers threw Michael Ross off the stage like a chicken thief. Out of excitement and admiration, Ross had jumped on stage to showcase his latest breakdancing moves as Ginuwine performed. The mean faced bouncers threw him off stage asking; “gwani, tetukumanyi.”

Ross was left humbled in the grass wondering why the bouncers couldn’t put some respect on his name… Not a good ending for the Yooyo star…

After the concert Ginuwine met Micheal Ross and the American star reportedly denies not have seen the incident and he vowed he would have stopped the bouncers if he has seen them doing the shameful act. He apologized to Micheal Ross as he praised Ross for being a great performer.