In a shocking turn of events, Medipal International Hospital, one of Kampala’s prominent medical facilities, has been abruptly closed down by Securex private security guards under the instruction of the landowner, Tembo Steels Uganda Ltd. The closure comes as the building owner claims the hospital owes them over 1.8 billion UGX in outstanding rent since mid-2022.

Patients and medical staff were caught off guard as Securex guards sealed off all entrances except for a single entry and exit point, causing significant disruption to the hospital’s operations. The sudden closure has sparked concerns among patients who were receiving treatment and left medical professionals scrambling to provide alternative care options.

Tembo Steels Uganda Ltd, the property’s owner, claims that Medical International Hospital has failed to honor its financial obligations since mid-2022, accumulating an outstanding rent amount of 1.8 billion UGX. The landowner has stated that multiple attempts were made to engage with the hospital’s management to resolve the matter amicably, but to no avail.

Securex private security guards, acting under the direction of the landowner, were deployed to enforce the closure and ensure compliance with the eviction order. Their decision to leave only one entry and exit point for both patients and medical staff have raised concerns about safety and accessibility within the facility.

Meanwhile, patients who were receiving treatment at Medical International Hospital have been advised to seek alternative healthcare options at nearby medical facilities. The hospital management has assured patients that medical records and necessary documentation will be made available to facilitate the continuity of their treatment.

As the dispute between Medipal International Hospital and Tembo Steels Uganda Ltd intensifies, the closure serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of healthcare institutions to financial challenges. It underscores the importance of ensuring the stability and sustainability of medical facilities to safeguard the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Both parties involved are expected to engage in negotiations and explore possible resolutions to reinstate the operations of Medipal International Hospital. The reopening of the facility remains a top priority to ensure uninterrupted access to quality healthcare services for the community.

The public eagerly awaits a resolution to this dispute, with hopes that Medipal International Hospital will soon resume its operations and continue serving the healthcare needs of the people of Kampala.

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