In a critical announcement, authorities have issued a stern warning to all road users on the Kampala-Masaka highway regarding the alarming increase in water levels at Katonga River. This unforeseen development has created a grave peril for both motorists and pedestrians attempting to cross the river.

To ensure the safety of everyone, the local authorities have strongly recommended the utilization of alternative routes while collaborating with the Uganda National Roads Authority (@UNRA_UG) to address the situation promptly. With the primary focus on safeguarding lives, it is essential for all commuters to take these precautions seriously.

Travelers embarking from Kampala are advised to opt for the Mpigi-Butambala-Ssembabule road, which has been identified as a viable alternative to the current hazardous conditions. This diversionary route offers a safer passage for individuals seeking to reach their destinations without endangering their lives.

On the other hand, those traveling from Masaka are encouraged to utilize the Masaka-Ssembabule Road. Authorities have designated this route as a temporary detour to avoid the perilous waters of the Katonga River. By adhering to these recommendations, commuters can minimize the risks associated with crossing the river and ensure their well-being.

In light of the circumstances, all road users are strongly advised to exercise utmost caution during their journeys. It is crucial to follow traffic instructions provided by law enforcement officials and be vigilant for any further updates on the situation. Authorities are working diligently to address the issue promptly and will communicate any significant developments.

The safety of each individual is of paramount importance to the local authorities. Measures are being taken to mitigate the risks posed by the rising water levels at Katonga River. By cooperating and utilizing the recommended alternative routes, commuters can contribute to their own safety as well as that of others on the road.

Authorities are actively monitoring the situation and will provide timely updates on the progress made in resolving the issue. As the circumstances evolve, it is advised to stay tuned to local news sources, official announcements, and social media channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Remember, your safety is the top priority. Let us work together to ensure a secure and protected journey for all road users. Stay cautious, follow the provided guidelines, and remain informed to minimize any potential risks while traveling on the Kampala-Masaka highway.

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