Lawrence Amuke Oprong; a young man who claims to be a son to the now-deceased former Busia North member of parliamentent Fredrick Oduya Oprong chained himself to the gate that leads to deputy president William Ruto’s office.

He claimed that the deputy president had promised him a job but until now he had not fulfilled his promise. Since he had no way to access him, he chained himself to the gate that leads to Ruto’s office claiming he will not leave until he meets the deputy president William Ruto.

After the security officers’ attempt to remove him from the scene bore no fruit, a group of around 20 non-uniform officers arrived with a hacksaw which they used to break the chain Amuke had used to chain himself on the gate that leads to William Ruto’s office. The police arrested him after breaking the chain; thus taking him to the central police station.

The video of the whole drama scene has not yet surfaced since the police confiscated the camera of a renowned Standard group journalist who had recorded the whole scene. Though the camera was later returned, we are yet to see the video of what actually transpired.

Amuke was charged with public disturbance.


By SePH256

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