In the past two years, the B2C boys have been a big wave in the music industry of Uganda. There have been producing hit after hit namely Tokigeza, Wanyonona, Gutamiza, no life no you and Kapande, and so forth. They were once compared to the legendary duo of late Mowzey Radio and Weasel as many people had divided opinions on who was better among the two groups.

These three boys have been under the management of Andy’s music since their emergency on the music scene. However, after their maiden concert that took place at freedom city in Namasuba in October 2018, they had an altercation over overpayments with their manager Andrew Mugerwa commonly known as Andy event.

The three boys recently lamented that Andy has never paid them a single coin for the past three years they worked with him. There were also rumors that Andy’s events had forced them to drop the name “born to conquer” B2C as he claimed that the boys had disrespected him as they had fired him on social media which did not go right to him.

Now news reaching us says that Mama Fina wants to sign the boys and invest her cash in them. Sources say talks are ongoing. They are reportedly hesitant to enter into a working relationship with her. They want their freedom. A source says that what could get them into the deal is the money

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